Help Inspire the Next Generation of Women in Automotive

December 3, 2019

Over 10 years ago, when I founded Southern Automotive Women’s Forum with a group of like minded and determined women, the “pull” was strong.  What started as a 5-minute introduction of my background at an SAC event became a “rallying cry” for a safe place to conduct professional development for women who were working in the Southeast but felt isolated and were unaware that other women were working in automotive nearby. 

In addition, there was a strong pull for women who wanted to be role models and supporters the next generation of girls in STEM.  The women already in automotive wanted to bring in the younger generation into the automotive space and share the benefits they had gained in their lives by working in this industry.  Women who had worked in t-shirt factories, pencil factories or stripped tobacco prior to working in automotive wanted to share their life-changing experiences with the next generation, whether it was an OEM, supplier or ancillary support organization.
Here we are 10 years later and, although progress has been made, the need to bring women into automotive in the Southeast as well as the need to “be what you can see” as role models for the next generation is more important than ever.  As more women enter the automotive ecosystem, the need to assure that they STAY in the industry and move up in leadership roles is crucial .  A recent USA Today article demonstrated with data, that although progress has been made, women in leadership roles in automotive are well below the average of other like industries. 
As a member of SAWF, you agree with our mission and vision.  As the founder of SAWF, I am asking you to donate to SAWF on this Giving Tuesday. 
Your donation will support:

  1. A group that has delivered significant content to allow women in the Southeast to grow as individuals and leaders in the automotive arena.
  2. All Girls Auto Know program that brings together educators, community organizations that support young women and those in the automobile industry including OEM’s, suppliers and ancillary organizations to demonstrate the excitement of a career in automotive by “doing”.
  3. Scholarships. this all volunteer organization has give out $330,000 in scholarships through the hard work of raising funds to support everything from auto mechanic certifications to PH.d’s in automotive engineering.
  4. Change. SAWF has raised the conversation in the Southeast by partnering with SAC and other partners to raise the level of awareness and bring the conversation on “why women in auto” from a taboo subject to one that is openly and often discussed.

As I end this letter I always look to one of my favorite quotes: “Never underestimate that a small group of people can change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has”  Margaret Meade

Be the change you want to see. Donate today!

I appreciate your consideration of this request.


Susan Brennan                                                                                 
Founding Member of SAWF
SAWF Board Member